Frequently Asked Questions

The event is the Harvard Climate Leadership Summit and it will take place on May 8, 2023, from 8am to 5pm. The location of the event is Harvard Kennedy School, Nye Conference Rooms.

The selection process for the 2023 Emerging Climate Leader Cohort involves completing a short application form, which is sent out to everyone who has registered for the event. The form asks applicants to outline how they have devoted their time and effort to tackling climate change. The information provided in the application will be reviewed by the organizing committee, who will evaluate the applicant's experience, passion, and potential for making a meaningful contribution in the field of climate change. If the application is approved, the survey answers will be used to feature the applicant's profile on the event's website.

Emerging Climate Leaders will be showcased on the website, have exclusive opportunities to engage with speakers, and be given a platform to share about their work at the Summit. 

Tickets currently cost $20, which includes two meals (breakfast and lunch) along with coffee and refreshments served throughout the day. 

The event is for students.

At the moment, sessions will only be available in person, but we may open a virtual attendance element depending on capacity constraints. 

There is a parking garage located directly across the street from The Harvard Kennedy School! 

The Harvard Square station is approximately a five-minute walk from where the Summit will be held. 

There will be a breakfast and lunch served for attendees.

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